Printable PVC films for backlit signs and advertising

Mondorevive  produces  PVC films printable for internal or external backlit signs. To ensure long-term application, the formulation is polymeric. The high definition of the printing and the perfect light diffusion are  ensured by its low brightness factor (low gloss) and high surface roughness.

Mondorevive  is the ideal industrial partner for the production of small, medium and large companies in the world of PVC and PET.

With this article it will be possible to produce:

  • PVC film for advertising graphics both for use in public places and for shops / restaurants etc.

The films can be produced with different widths reaching 1600 mm and with thicknesses normally from 70 to 150 microns depending on the products of the type of formulation.



Flexible PVC films by Mondorevive are produced with Phthalate-free polymeric plasticizers, in compliance with Reach Regulations. They ensure a high standard of quality particularly especially when they have to be used for outdoor applications, with a specific performance concerning softness and color degradation.


Flexible PVC films of Mondorevive  are  produced with monomeric plasticizers without DOP, in compliance with the Reach Regulation. A Phthalate-free range is also available Mondorevive provides a wide range of softness and guarantees the right performance for all indoor applications.


Mondorevive  has a wide range of highly customizable items designed to withstand the most critical outdoor conditions. Mondorevive  laboratories accurately test the performance of this range of  films developed , using equipments that reproduce the exposure of the films to severe environmental conditions, both in terms of humidity and radiation, such as “QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester” for UV radiation And “Q-Sun Xenon Test Chamber” for sunlight.


Mondorevive offers a full range of transparent clear films for all possible applications when clarity is a must.

  • Overlamination film designed to protect photographic prints and antique books (e.g. book covering). Available in monomeric or polymeric formulations, it provides protection against external agents such as moisture and light, offering a uniform surface and brilliant. The film is printable in digital.
  • Static Cling film- : this film is performed for stick without adhesive, by electrostatic adhesion to smooth surfaces like shop windows The highly plasticized formulation makes film very flexible. Available both transparent and white, is perfect for  quick repositioning without the release of adhesive residue. Printable with solvent based screen printing, UV offset and flexo
  • Floor Graphics: PVC walkable transparent film designed for indoor-outdoor protection, applied to the floor prints. It offers high wear resistance and low slipperiness, certified R9,R10 and R11 according to DIN 51130: 1192
  • Stone Guard: PVC transparent film, used for the protection of the bodywork of the car, in particular of curved surfaces such as fenders and door sill. The polymeric formulation is designed to provide excellent impact resistance, at the same time ensuring a long-term weathering.
  • High Transparency: highly transparent PVC films obtained by laminating layers. Ideal for the construction of verandas, protective devices and such as high-visibility boat windows, rear window for cars, visors  work masks .
  • Medical applications: wide range of PVC films mainly used for bags .
  • Table cloths- available in Phthalate free formulation of Food-contact certified formulations
  • Stationery, school market applications and packaging are other markets that might need transparent clear films ( such as welded or sewed bags for textile and home products).


Mondorevive offers a wide tailor made range of colors available with gloss or matt surfaces. The R&D department can arrange a lab match from a sample in order to progress industrial production. We could offer pearlescent,glitter and fluorescent colors. MondoRevive uses high-quality colored pigments, heavy metals free, in accordance to the sustainability programs and with EC Regulation 1907/2006 REACH.


Mondorevive  PVC  films could be produced using a  wide range of embossing designs that could meet  the demands of various markets. The most requested surfaces are “Sabbiato”, “Satinato”, “Smeriglio”, “Marocchino”, “Lino” e “Pelle”.

Also available  “Carbon Fiber” finishing, requested mainly for decoration and  car-wrapping as well as  the “Dune” design, specifically used for applications that need  low slipperiness and that could be R9-R10-R11 certified.

 Stone Guard is produced with both glossy/glossy and glossy/matt surface. We also offer specific embossings for the rotogravure printing sector. The R&D department could assist to develop specific tailor made new embossing patterns against specific market request , in cooperation with the market leaders companies.


Mondorevive  produces items tested for Latex prints. It has developed a printing department, acquiring the skills to support your technicians and set up your printers, achieving the best results right away.


According to the specifications, Mondorevive  films could be printed with OFFSET technologies; it is always important to clearly inform before placing the order if materials should be printed and how, as we have arranged a printing department that could cooperate with your technicians for the best set up of your printing equipment.


Mondorevive  produces items tested for rotogravure printing. It has developed a Printing Department, acquiring the skills to support your technicians and set up your printers, achieving the best results right away.


According to the specifications, Mondorevive  films could be printed with silkscreen printing; it is always important to clearly inform before placing the order if materials should be printed and how, as we have arranged a printing department  that could cooperate with your technicians for the best set up of your printing equipment.


Mondorevive  produces a “Block-Out”  single or multilayer white film that could be used as a complete barrier to direct light transmission. This article is suitable for digital eco-solvent, solvent, UV and latex printing. It could  be used for applications such as message boards, shop windows, doors and glass panels that require a printed side facing outward and a white adhesive side facing inwards.


Mondorevive  produces films from 50 µ up to  500 μ in thickness, offering widths from 12mm to 2.500 mm to meet the different market requests, besides glossy finishing  offer a wide range of film surfaces (from very smooth film to highly engraved film with different types of embossing). Thicknesses up to 2000 μm can be produced with a  multi-layer lamination.


Mondorevive  produces items tested for SOLVENT-based prints and UV.

It has developed a Printing Department, acquiring the skills to support your technicians and set up your printers, achieving the best results right away.



The PVC film which with high fire resistance

Mondorevive  offers in the range of its films also formulations classified and certified “B-s1 d0” “B-s2 d0” in accordance with clause 8.2 of EN 13501-1: 2007 + A1 such as interior decoration films, sheet metal protection and other applications .


Mondorevive Antibacterial PVC films successfully complete the tests with Corona Virus.

Mondorevive Spa offers antibacterial and antiviral PVC films that create bacteria-free environments with a low viral load. Their effectiveness has been validated by an ISO accredited laboratory in accordance with the international standard ISO 21702: 2019 and ISO 22196: 2011 which specify methods for assessing bacterial and antiviral activity on treated plastics and high non-porous surfaces. Mondorevive antibacterial PVC films have been designed and developed to reduce the presence of bacteria by 99.9% in combination with good hygiene and cleaning practice of antibacterial activity (R)%> 99.9 according to ISO 22196 : 2011.


The Mondorevive laboratories regularly verify the conformity of the key parameters of each product produced by ensuring compliance with the required technical specifications.

  • Visual inspection
  • Dimensional control: thickness, weight and height
  • Brilliance measurement
  • Roughness measurement (RA, RZ)
  • Measurement of the opacity
  • Surface tension measurement
  • Dimensional stability during heat measurement
  • Measurement of color coordinates
  • Measurement of mechanical properties (stress and elongation)
  • Print digital technology control, with echo solvent, latex and uv
  • Serigraphic control with solvent and UV inks
  • GC and GC-MS verify the presence of articles “without phthalates”

Other PVC products for the world of communication

A new step in support of the circular economy

Through the acquisition of MondoSD – Sustainable Development, Mondorevive has launched a new sustainable development and circular economy project to encourage the use of recycled raw materials within the production cycle and value chain.

MondoSD organization allows the recovery of plastic materials deriving from both industrial and post-consumer processing and is able to issue a certification confirming that the waste collected has been tracked and treated to become Secondary Raw Materials, lose the qualification of waste and avoid disposal.

MondoSD has obtained the certification of its plastic management process for by-products ( of Legislative Decree 152/06 and UNI 10667) and of the management of MPS Secondary Raw Materials ( ter of Legislative Decree 152/06 and UNI 10667) ).

The voluntary commitment of the PVC industry

Since 2011 Mondorevive has been a partner of VinylPlus®, which is the ten-year Voluntary Commitment of the European PVC industry to sustainable development.

Through VinylPlus we contribute to the goal of recycling 800,000 tons / year of PVC by 2020 and 900,000 by 2025, always in line with the commitments made with the EU Commission as part of the European strategy for plastics in the circular economy.

The PVC film produced by Mondorevive S.p.A. it can be easily recycled.

The recycling of the material is possible considering the further processing carried out by our customers. #Mondorevive is proud to be part of #VinilPlus.

MondoRevive S.p.A. finally, it recommends separating PVC films from other materials in order to facilitate recycling management.

Environmental performance and our production processes

Our entire organization (Mondorevive, Caltek and MondoSD) has a UNI EN ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management System; and shares with employees, suppliers and partners respect for the ethical and social values of which our Code of Ethics is the basis.

We have certified our plastic management process for by-products (references art.184bis DLGS 152/06 and UNI 10667 standard) and the management of MPS Secondary Raw Materials (references art.184ter DLGS 152/06 and UNI 10667 standard).

Mondorevive has always been attentive to this issue and obtained its first certification in 1998.

The certification systems are the result of globally recognized standards. They concern organizational management systems that improve quality in the workplace, to achieve the objectives promised to the end customer.

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