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The Medical PET film has specific peculiarities that find an important application in the production of high transparency PROTECTIVE VISORS.

Products made with medical PET, such as face protection devices, are used indoors where it is necessary to protect the eye from the most common risks (e.g. drops and blood splashes). It is able to meet high quality standards not only in terms of formulation, being virgin material, but also in processing and packaging. The high transparency and lightness of the film make the product safe and practical, without affecting the normal working habits of those who are using them. The PET film complies with the REACH regulation and can also be used in the food sector as it is suitable for contact with food. The material is 100% recyclable.

Mondorevive S.p.a offers antibacterial and antiviral PVC films that create bacteria-free environments with a low viral load. Their effectiveness has been validated by an ISO accredited laboratory in accordance with the international standard ISO 21702: 2019 and ISO 22196: 2011 which specify methods for assessing bacterial and antiviral activity on treated plastics and high non-porous surfaces.

Mondorevive Spa antibacterial PVC films have been designed and developed to reduce the presence of bacteria by 99.9% in combination with good hygiene and cleaning practice of antibacterial activity (R)%> 99.9 according to ISO 22196: 2011.